stack happy sweets

Stack Happy Sweets

I was excited to welcome the founders of Stack Happy Sweets, Jeri Freeman and Lauren Ohl, to the #HipNJ studio. Jeri and Lauren belong to my business networking group, Executive Exchange, Inc., and am happy to support them in any way I can.

The best way to describe a “Stack” is to imagine a cookie, brownie, and cupcake having a baby. A “Stack” takes dessert to a new level by layering three different flavors. A “Stack” base can be a traditional brownie, sugar cookie, coffee bar, snickerdoodle, blondie, or red velvet. The middle layer’s rich choices include chocolate, toffee, cheesecake glaze and peanut butter. Finally, top your Stack with a variety of special toppings—M&M’s, sweet & salty pretzels, candied pecans, and other unique choices.

Their menu features 16 original flavors of Stacks to choose from, or you can create your own assortment of these bite-sized desserts. This unique, delicious and creative dessert concept is located in Montville, but you can ship your Stacks anywhere in the country.

For more on the sweet satisfaction Stack Happy Sweet be sure to read the full article here and visit their site at

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