Book Reviews by Shalini: Ten Years Later

Book Reviews by Shalini: Ten Years Later

Ten Years Later has received yet another five-star review, this time by blogger Shalini Gopal. I love how women from around the world are able to connect with Carla, which goes to show that we really aren’t all that different from one another—everyone has insecurities and demons to battle.

Here is a colorfully honest excerpt from her TYL recap:

Many authors write women’s fiction with the same formula, no confidence ——> great job, hunky man, high confidence. Carla’s story also follows the same equation to a slight extent, but the treatment is oh so different. Lisa Marie Latino is extremely talented to write such a book, which is an inspiration, and Thank God! no dumb, simpering, teenagery woman in this. The only time I wanted to deck Carla is when she wouldn’t speak up for herself, she never said No to anyone even when she knew that she should. I was standing at the wings, waiting for her to take the centre stage, supporting her all the while, and she never does… Then she did… And the story continued on beautifully….

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