Nykki Ross of Body By Nykki joined me in the #HipNJ studio to discuss all things fitness and nutrition.

Nykki’s father, Master Phil Ross, is not only the area’s most decorated and accomplished martial artist and fitness instructor, but also a great friend to #HipNJ. He has been in the Long Shot family for years, with the production of his Kettle Bell Library. So, it was only natural to have Nykki stop by and discuss her accomplishments.

I asked Nykki all about competing, and she told me about an amazing network of women that has formed through the sport. Nothing is better than women getting together and supporting each other!

Ross runs her own business, Body By Nykki. She provides online and in-person coaching, as well as meal plans and online workout plans.

To learn more, click here, and check out our segment here.

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