Interview with Lauren Pizza

Let’s #Flashback to when I spoke with Lauren Pizza, author of “Meant to Be: The Lives and Loves of a Jersey Girl.” The story behind this book might shock you!

A few years back, Lauren went to a palm reader who told her she needed to start developing her writing. The reading confused Lauren because she had never really written before, but when Lauren got home, she started writing. “Long story short, I wrote a book.”

Lauren told me that at 13 years old, she had a near death experience when she was caught underneath a sailboat. “My soul left me” she says. After she was rescued, she knew she was meant to live. In “Meant to Be,” Lauren chose to write about her loving husband and the family she was able to have.

This is some incredible stuff, and I enjoyed every page. Meeting tremendous authors like Lauren inspired me to start my own indie-author journey, so I am very grateful.

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